Test 11  (paediatric ophthalmology) 
1. Causes of poor vision in aniridia include:
a. macular hypoplasia

b. glaucoma

c. cataract

d. retinitis pigmentosa

e. optic nerve hypoplasia

2. True statements about aniridia include:

a. it is sporadic in one third of cases

b. familial cases are autosomal dominant

c. vision can be improved with tinted glasses

d. Wilm's tumour occurs in one third of sporadic aniridia

e. Wilm's tumour does not occur in familial aniridia

3. The following features are seen in Leber's congenital amaurosis:

a. nystagmus

b. normal fundus at the early stage

c. myopic refraction

d. absent pupil responses to light

e. arteriolar narrowing in later stage

4. Chickenpox in expectant mother can produce the following
     ocular abnormalities in the newborn:

a. Horner's syndrome

b. optic nerve hypoplasia

c. aniridia

d. chorioretinitis

e. cataract

5. In de Morsier's syndrome:

a. the condition is hereditary in the majority of cases

b. optic atrophy is a feature

c. agenesis of the septum pellucidum is a feature

d. the corpus callosum may be malformed.

e. hypothalamic dysfunction is common

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