What is my chance of getting a Calman Training Post without a teaching hospital post? 
A Calman Training Post is important for gaining a national training number allowing you to complete a specialist registrar training in ophthalmology. Without a teaching hospital post, it would be difficult to either getting short-listed or succeeding in the registrar interview. There are several reasons for this:
  • Being in a teaching hospital, you have more opportunities to get involved in studies and research to strenghten your CV.

  • Most SHOs who obtain the Calman registrars do so in their own teaching hospital.
The following actions are recommended for training SHO who are not yet working in a teaching hospitals:
  • Do not attempt the final MRCOphth before getting into a teaching hospital. Many teaching hospitals regard SHOs who have had passed the final MRCOphth as 'completing' the SHO posts. These group of SHOs usually find it difficult to enter the Calman registrar post and may have to do research works to enhance their CVs.

  • Improve your CVs to get yourself short listed in a teaching hospital. You can do this by getting some case reports or studies presented or published. 

  • Move to a better known district general hospitals to improve your chance of being short listed. References from your referees can be very important in getting you a teaching hospital. Some consultants in district general hospitals are active in organizing courses and teachings and they are more likely to assist you in moving up the career ladder.
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