I have passed my part I (and part II) but could not get short listed. Can somebody help me? 
Congratulation for passing part I (and part II) MRCOphth. MRCOphth examination is a qualification examination and do not tell the interviewers what qualities you possess to succeed in ophthalmology. A recent SHO advertisement in BMJ for Stoke Mandeville Hospital attracted 140 candidates for 2 posts, it is obviously not feasible to shortlist all candidates possessing part I (part II) MRCOphth. In addition, there are candidates who have not done any parts of MRCOphth but show great promises in their CV which the interviewers feel they could not ignore.

If you could not get shortlisted despite possessing part I (part II) MRCOphth, you may improve your chance by checking the following areas:

  • Does your CV reflect your best quality? It is important to list your achievements in prominent position preferably on the first page under achievement. Remember that you are trying to market a product ie. yourself, an unattractive packaging may be neglected. More later on improving the appearance of your CV in the next question. You may ask your senior to go through your CV and ask how it could be made more attractive.
  • Have you done any presentation or publication related to ophthalmology?. Any studies or presentation be it clinical trials, case reports or audits demonstrate to the interviewers that you are motivated and determine to succeed in ophthalmology. The presentation may be local, regional, national or international. Your chance of getting shortlisted will be significantly enhanced if you have any international presentation(s) or peer-review publication(s). For a beginner, it is easy to feel that there is nothing new to study or cases to be reported; however, a quick look through any ophthalmology journals will prove you otherwise. The various studies and case reports in the journal should exercise your brain cells to think laterally. 
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