Skin Crease - High and Low
The skin crease is formed by the dermal attachments of the levator aponeurosis which is usually 8 to 10 mm above the lash line in the female Caucasians. The lid fold is seen above the upper skin crease as a projecting bulge. The fold represents the anterior projection of the preaponeurotic fat pad. The amount of projection is dependent on :
  •        the amount of preaponeurotic fat present 
  •        the state of attachment of preaponeurotic fat 
  •        the level of fusion of orbital septum to the levator aponeurosis. 
The fusion between the orbital septum and the levator aponeurosis is around 3 to 5 mm superior to the tarsal plate in the Caucasian. 

A high skin creases gives the impression of a larger eye opening and accentuates the expression of the upper lid. This is much favored by actresses. A low skin crease, in contrast, gives the eye a narrow and rather expressionless look. However, this can give mystery and intrigue to some actresses.

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