Sturge-Weber's syndrome

Right sided port-wine stain of the face and ipsilateral 
tissue hypertrophy.

Left-sided port-wine stain with conjunctival 
involvement. The patient also has left glaucoma.
The face of this patient has a port-wine in the distribution of the first and second divison of the trigeminal nerve. 
The ipsilateral eye may be red (due to the presence of haemangioma of the conjunctiva; the iris may be involved 
causing heterochromic iridis). The affected side of the face may also show hypertrophy.

Further examination:

  • examine the anterior segment for haemangioma and the presence of trabeculectomy
  • posterior segment for glaucomatous disc and choroidal haemangioma (this is diffuse and may cause exudative 

  • retinal detachment).


1. What is the inheritance of Sturge-Weber's syndrome?

2. What is responsible for the port-wine stain and can it be removed?


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