Question 1
A 25-year-old female contact lens wearer presented with a painful, 
red left eye of 2 day duration. Visual acuity was 6/24, the cornea 
showed an ulcer measuring 1.1cm. There was hypopyon in the 
anterior chamber. She was treated with intensive topical cefuroxime
and gentamicin. Bacterial culture of the ulcer was negative. A corneal 
biopsy is as shown below.

1. What is the most common pathogen isolated from the corneal ulcer 
    of a contact lens wearer?


2. What is shown in the corneal biopsy?

3. Name two risk factors for this infection apart from contact lens wear.

4. Name two typical clinical features seen in the cornea that are associated 
    with the pathogen shown in the picture.

5. Which culture medium can be used to isolated the pathogen shown 
    in the picture?


6. Which stain (picture above) has been used to highlight the pathogen.

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