Cornea MCQs

1. The following are true with regard to this condition: 

a. this is an example of hamartoma 
b. astigmatism is a common cause of poor vision in this condition 
c. there may be problem with abduction 
d. deafness is a recognized association 
e. histology shows mainly adipose tissue only 

2. True statements about the following corneal condition include: 

a. it occurs at the junction between the Descemet's membrane and the endothelium 
b. it has an autosomal dominant inheritance 
c. glaucoma occurs in 90% of cases 
d. it is a feature in Chandler's syndrome 
e. it occurs in Peter's anomaly 

3. This patient has this corneal conditions in both eyes. The following are true: 

a. the lesions first appears in the deep corneal stroma 
b. corneal graft is usually needed by the age of 30 
c. the chance of the offsprings with this condition is 50% 
d. enlarged corneal nerves are commonly seen 
e. the following cornea specimen is taken from a patient with similar condition 


4. Association with the following appearance include: 

a. past history of breast carcinoma 
b. high serum creatinine 
c. history of osteoarthritis 
d. history of schizophrenia 
e. history of coronary artery bypass 

5. True statements about this corneal specimen include: 

a. the specimen is stained with alcian blue 
b. the peripheral cornea is typically involved 
c. the condition is inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion 
d. recurrent erosion may be a presenting symptom 
e. it may be seen in the corneal button of this patient (picture below) who has 
    had a corneal graft

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