Macular dystrophy

Diffuse corneal clouding in macular dystrophy

Corneal graft in macular dystrophy. Note the 
diffuse clouding in the recipient cornea.

There are multiple greyish white opacities involving the stroma and the corneal periphery (in granular and lattice 
dystrophy, the periphery is typically spared). The stroma between the opacities is diffusely cloudy.

Other possible signs:

  • One or both eyes may have corneal grafts (unlike other stroma dystrophy, the recipient cornea usually 

  • show changes of macular dystrophy because the dystrophy extends to the periphery).


1. What is the pathogenesis of macular dystrophy?

2. What is mucopolysaccharidoses?

3. What is the visual prognosis of patients with macular dystrophy?

4. The following is the histology of a patient with macular dystrophy. What stain has been used?


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