Lattice dystrophy

This is the most common stromal dystrophy seen in the examination. The other common ones being granular and macular dystrophy.

There are refrctile, branching lines (sokmetimes with dots) int he stroma. The lines may have double contoured in advanced 
cases. The periphery of the cornea is spared.

In the examination:

  • look for graft in the other eye. Of all the stromal dystrophy, lattice dystrophy has the highest tendency for recurrence 

  • in the graft
  • mention you like to look for systemic amyloidosis (rare) such as macroglossia and periorbital papules.


1. What types of lattice dystrophy do you know of?

2. The following is the histology of a patient with lattice dystrophy. What stain has been used?

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