Band Keratopathy

Band keratopathy is a common examination case and very often the patient has another underlying condition.

There is a band of suberpithlial whitish depositions in the interpalpebral zone. It is separated from the limbus by a 
clear zone. There are multiple round clear holes (due to nerve channels).

In the examination:

  • look for any coexisting corneal lesion such as intersitital keratitis
  • if the patient is young (especially female) look for pseudophakia and aqueous haze and signs of arthritis
  • a unilateral band keratopathy may be caused by a phthisical eye
  • if the centre of the band is clear with well-defined edges, the calcium may have been removed with EDTA or 

  • excimer laser.


1. What are the causes of band keratopathy?

2. What are the indications for removing band keratopathy?

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Band keratopathy treated with excimer laser
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