A posterior chamber lens showing 
YAG capsulotomy.

An anterior chamber lens in an eye with 
complicated cataract operation showing 
hazy cornea. This is pseudophakic 
bullous keratopathy.

An iris clip lens (Binkhorst lens). This 
lens is not longer favoured due to the risk 
of iritis, lens dislodgement and corneal 

This patient has a cataract extraction with lens implant. The implant may be in the anterior chamber or posterior chamber. Iridectomy is performed for anterior chamber implant to prevent pupillary block.

In the examination:

  • state the type of operation performed for example corneal or limbal section; extracapsular cataract or phacoemulsification
  • look for the reason for cataract operation operation for example anterior segment trauma, retinitis pigmentosa or Fuch's heterochromic cyclitis
  • look for corneal decompensation especially with an anterior chamber lens


1. What are the advantages of capsulorrhexis over capsulotomy?

2. During the operation, you rupture the posterior capsule. You place the lens in the sulcus instead of the capsular bag. What would happen to the post-operative refraction from what you have anticipated?

3. When would you expect cystoid macular oedema following cataract operation?


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