Candidate 3 (Passed)                   Centre: Madurai, India
                                                                  Date:    October, 2000


Case 1
Visual fields by confrontation: Patient had bilateral central scotoma. I was asked for Differential diagnosis of central scotoma

Case 2
Ocular movements: I got 3rd nerve palsy with complete ptosis. I was asked to perform ocular movements including cover test I was asked what else I would look in the case of 3rd nerve palsy. I wanted to check for pupil reaction. I was asked about medical and surgical lesions causing 3rd nerve palsy.

Case 3
To perform keratometry on a patient with oblique astigmatism. I was asked principle of keratometer

Case 4
To check bifocal power with Focimeter. I was asked the principle of focimeter

Case 5
Direct ophthalmoscopy : I got a case of Primary optic atrophy RE. LE media hazy due to corneal opacity other wise normal fundus. I was asked how to identify plane of opacities with distant direct ophthalmoscopy.

Case 6
Indirect ophthalmoscopy: I have got a case of macular BRVO. I was asked to tell the characters of haemorrhages in different layers of retina. I was asked about optics of Indirect Ophthalmoscopy

Case 7
Pupil Examination: I have got a case of RAPD. I was asked D/D for RAPD

Case 8
Slit lamp examination: I got a case of neovascular glaucoma. I was asked about the uses of different filters in the slit lamp.


Case 1
Hess charting: I got a case of lateral rectus palsy. I was asked the principle of Hess charting.

Case 2
FFA: I got a case of NPDR (non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy) and I was asked principle of FFA

Case 3
I was given Fresnnel prism and asked to draw the ray diagram for it.

Case  4
I was asked to draw the ray diagram of the image formation with convex mirror

Case  5
Using SRK formulae given A constant, Axial length, Average K reading I was asked to calculate the IOL power so that the patient would be 1D myopic

Case  6
I was given an X-ray skull lateral view with enlarged sella and asked to comment on it. I was also asked to give the probable findings on ophthalmic examinations of such a patient

Case 7
I was given a B-scan US ? PVD and was asked to write the principle of ultra sound

Case 8
Case of ET RE with correction improving to 6/18 LE improving to 6/6 with cycloplegic reflaction.Retinoscopy value for RE +7 in both meridians and LE + in both meridians. What correction will you give for the patient and what other treatment do you suggest?

Refraction: I got a case of compound myopic astigmatism.

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