Test 63 (ocular anatomy)
1. The following are true about the eyelashes:
a. there are more eyelashes in the upper eyelids than the 
    lower eyelids

b. the glands of Zeis open into the hair follicles of the 

c. the glands of Moll open into the hair follicles of the 

d. erector pili muscles can be found at the root of the 

e. they are replaced every 60 days

2. The parasympathetic impulses reach the lacrimal gland through the 
    following nerve:

a. nervus intermedius

b. deep petrosal nerve

c. greater petrosal nerve

d. zygomaticotemporal nerve

e. superior branch of the oculomotor nerve

3. The canal of Schlemm:

a. lies posterior to the scleral spur

b. lies posterior to the Schwalbe's line

c. is lined by endothelium

d. is separated from the trabecular meshwork by sinus

e. drains into the vortex veins

4. The central retinal artery:

a. is the first branch of the ophthalmic artery

b. enters the orbit through the optic canal

c. enters the optic nerve at its intracanalicular portion

d. has a smaller diameter than the central retinal vein

e. supplies the rods and cones.

5. The following are true:

a. the volume of the anterior chamber is about 10 time
    that of the posterior chamber

b. the anterior chamber measures about 5 mm in normal 

c. the lens separates the anterior chamber from the 
    posterior chamber.

d. the anterior surface of  the iris is covered by epithelium

e. the iris is thickest near its insertion into the ciliary body


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