Test 62 (pathology)
1. Hyperplasia:
a. results in increased cell size

b. results in increased cell numbers

c. occurs in corneal endothelium

d. occurs in retinal pigment epithelium

e. occurs in myocardium

2. Amyloid:
a. occurs in chronic inflammatory disorders

b. occurs in medullary carcinoma of the thyroid

c. is a basophilic substance which can be stained with 
    Congo red

d. weakens the walls of blood vessels

e. causes renal failure

3. The following are true about hamartoma:

a. is usually present at birth

b. contains cells from all three germ layers

c. does not predispose to malignancy

d. contains metaplastic cell types

e. adenoma sebaceum seen in tuberous sclerosis is a type 
    of hamartoma


4. The following conditions predispose the squamous cell carcinoma:
a. solar keratosis

b. Bowen's disease

c. chronic eczema

d. chronic ulceration

e. keratoacanthoma


5. In sickle cell disease:
a. the disorder is a single gene disorder

b. carrier has normal blood test

c. the abnormalities involves the alpha chain of the globin 

d. there is absence of HbA

e. sickle cell crisis does not affect carrier of the disease

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