Test 58  (Ocular anantomy)
1. With regard to a normal infant eye:
a. poor pupil dilatation is due to incomplete 
    development of the sympathetic supply

b. the normal axial length is around 16 mm 

c. the anterior chamber is deeper than that of adult

d. the normal corneal diameter is abour 12 mm

e. foveal maturation is completed postnatally

2. The optic canal is formed by:

a. the greater wing of the sphenoid

b. the lesser wing of the sphenoid

c. the frontal bone

d. the temporal bone

e. the lacrimal bone


3. The following are true:
a. the sphenoid sinus drains into the superior meatus

b. the frontal sinus drains into the superior meatus

c. the maxillary sinus drains into the middle meatus

d. the nasolacrimal duct drains into the inferior meatus

e. the posterior ethmoidal sinus drains into the superior 

4. The optic chiasm is supplied by:

a. anterior cerebral artery

b. ophthalmic artery

c. anterior communicating artery

d. posterior communicating artery

e. internal carotid artery


5. The following are true:
a. the circle of Haller-Zinn is formed by branches of the 
    long posterior ciliary arteries

b. the major arterial circle of iris is formed from the 
    long ciliary and anterior ciliary arteries

c. the ophthalmic artery is the first branch of the internal 
    carotid artery

d. the ophthalmic artery enters the orbit through the 
    inferior orbital fissure

e. the lateral rectus contains only one anterior ciliary 

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