Test 54   (neural physiology)
1. The following are true about pain:
a. in disseminated cancer can be effectively relieved by 

b. does not ascend through the dorsal column of the spinal 

c. is transmitted faster through the C fibres than the A 
    delta fibres

d. stimulation of the ß receptors in the brain produces 

e. injection of 100% alcohol into the retrobulbar space is 
    useful in treating intractable ocular pain

2. The following are true about the spinal cord:

a. segment T12 lies at the level of vertebral body T9

b. cerebrospinal fluid is found within the subdural space

c. two point discrimination is transmitted in the dorsal 

d. hemisection results in contralateral loss of pain and 
    temperature sense below the lesion.

e. hemisection results in contralateral upper motor neuron 
    paralysis below the level of the lesion.

3. Stimulation of the cholinergic pathway results in:

a. ciliary muscle contraction

b. a decrease in atrial contractility

c. gall bladder contraction

d. ejaculation

e. contraction of the detrusor muscle


4. The following drugs are miotics:
a. carbachol

b. cocaine

c. scopolamine

d. isofluorosphosphate

e. salbutamol

5. The following are true about the synaptic potential:

a. the Na+ and K+ currents occurs simultaneously

b. is a graded potential

c. the channel is ligand-gated

d. the post-synaptic potential is inhibitory when 

e. the post-synaptic potential is inhibitory when GABA 
   binds to post-synaptic receptors.

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