Test 51 (anatomy of head and neck)
1. Structures found in the posterior triangle of the neck include:
a. the levator scapulae muscle

b. the common carotid artery

c. the glossopharyngeal nerve

d. the accessory nerve

e. part of the brachial plexus

2. The following are branches of the external carotid artery:
a. the facial artery

b. the occipital artery

c. the inferior thyroid artery

d. the vertebral artery

e. the lacrimal artery

3. Structures passing through the foramen magnum include:

a. the anterior spinal artery

b. the dura

c. the vagus nerve

d. the spinal accessory nerve

e. the vertebral artery


4. The glossopharyngeal nerve:

a. supplies the stylopharyngeus

b. supplies both ordinary and special sensation to the 
    posterior third of the tongue

c. supplies the carotid sinus

d. supplies motor fibres to the pharynx

e. supplies sensory fibres to the middle ear

5. The following bones forms the inner part of the middle cranial fossa:

a. the ethmoid

b. the greater wing of the sphenoid

c. the petreous part of the temporal bone

d. the mastoid process

e. the occipital bone


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