Test 50  (Genetics)
1. Chromosomal abnormalities are found in the following conditions:
a. achondroplasia

b. myeloid leukaemia

c. sickle cell disease

d. cri-du-chat disease

e. Patau syndrome

2. Diseases associated with HLA-B8 include:

a. Sjogren's syndrome

b. multiple sclerosis

c. myasthenia gravis

d. insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

e. Grave's disease


3. In Turner's syndrome:
a. premature cataract is common

b. the cells contains 45 chromosomes

c. the offsprings have 50% of inheriting the disease

d. there is an increased risk of hypertension

e. the patient is below the average height

4. In Klinefelter's syndrome:

a. the karyotype is always 47XXY

b. the extra chromosome comes from the mother germ cells

c. there is an increased incidence of lens subluxation

d. the patient is infertile

e. there is an increased incidence of breast cancer

5. With regard to the DNA structures:

a. adenine (A) and guanine (G) are purine bases

b. guanine (G) always pairs with thymidine (T) and 
     adenine (A) with cytosine (C)

c. each DNA strands have a pentose-phosphate backbone 
    with projecting bases 

d. there are 64 possible codons

e. each amino acids may be coded by more than one codon.

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