Test 15 (pharmacology)
1. Direct-acting cholinergic agonists include:
a. pilocarpine

b. echothiophate iodide

c. carbachol

d. tropicamide

e. atropine

2. The ocular effects of prostaglandins include:
a. breakdown of blood-aqueous barrier

b. miosis

c. conjunctival hyperaemia

d. eyelid retraction

e. ocular hypertension

3. True statements about carbonic anhydrase inhibitors include:

a. at least 50% of the carbonic anhydrase needs to be inhibited before the 
    intraocular pressure shows a significant drop

b. they inhibits carbonic anhydrase found in the non-pigmentary ciliary 

c. shallowing of the anterior chamber is a feature

d. transient hypermetropia is a feature

e. it can cause thinning of the cornea if given topically


4. The effect of pilocarpine include:
a. increased incidence of retinal tear

b. increased tension in the zonules

c. contraction of the ciliary body

d. increased thickness of the lens

e. increased permeability of the iris vessels


5. Phenylephrine:
a. directly stimulates the alpha-adrenergic receptors

b. affects the accommodation

c. stops the pupil response to bright light

d. causes mydriasis which does not respond to pilocarpine

e. causes rebound miosis


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