Test 17 (modified from Oct, 1999)
1. The function of the superior rectus muscle include:
a. elevation of the globe

b. abduction of the globe

c. intortion of the globe

d. retraction of the globe

e. moving the eyelid upward

2. The following structures pass through the annulus of Zinn:
a. superior ophthalmic vein

b. trochlear nerve

c. superior division of the oculomotor nerve

d. inferior division of the oculomotor nerve

e. nasociliary nerve


3. The following are branches of the ophthalmic nerve:

a. frontal nerve

b. nasociliary nerve

c. lacrimal nerve

d. meningeal nerve

e. zygomatic nerve


4. The cavernous sinus:
a. contains arterial blood

b. is related laterally to the trochlear nerve

c. is related laterally to the abducent nerve

d. is related medially to the sphenoid sinus

e. drains directly into the superior petrosal sinus


5. The inferior rectus muscle:
a. originates entirely from the annulus of Zinn

b. is the shortest of the four recti muscle

c. intorts the globe

d. adducts the globe

e. is inserted furthest from the limbus than other extraocular muscles.

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