Past MCQs topics from MRCS (Ediburgh)     Oct, 2000
1. Biosynthesis of prostaglandins

2. The effect of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

3. Factors affecting drug penetration of cornea

4. Streptococcus

5. Organisms that can be found in an abscess

6. The effect of lymphokines

7. Wound healing of a clean surgical incision

8. Mycobacterium tuberculosis

9. BCG

10. The characteristics of basal cell carcinoma

11. Culture medium for bacteria including TB, acanthoamoeba and gonorrhea

12. Chemicals involved in anaphylaxis

13. Complement system and type II hypersensitivity

14. Ketamine effect including hepatotoxicity

15. The effects of endotoxin

16. Ecthiophate and its properties including cataract formation and used in killing lice

17. Beta blockers and their selectivity for asthmatic patients

18. The production of Ig G

19. Use of autoclave including:

boiling point of water
packing requirement
instruments that can be sterilised
dry heat

20. Instruments that can be sterilised with ethylene oxide

21. Histamine

22. Parasite affecting the eyes including onchroceciasis, toxocarac and toxoplasma

23. Langerhan's cells and conditions where these cells can occur

24. Glycoaminogllycans in cornea and sclera

25. Blood supply of the optic nerve head

26. Binocular single vision: haropter

27. Genetic of Marfan, Ehler-Danlos syndrome

28. The anatomy of lacrimal punctum

29. Functions of neutrophils

30. Anatomy of facial artery

31. Anatomy of trochlear nerve

32. Genetics including the inheritance of Norrie's disease, alibinism and galatossaemia

33. Chemotactic agents including C3s

34. Cells that perform phagocytosis

35. Characteritistics of malignant tumours

36. Lipofusin granules in RPE

37. Pursuit movement

38. Anatomy of lacrimal gland

39. Cardiogenic shock

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