Test 35 (modified from Oct. 2000 Edinburgh)
1. Permeability of vascular tissue is increased by:
a. substance P

b. tumour necrosis factor

c. interleukin-1

d. leukotriene

e. adrenaline

2. The followings are true about basal cell carcinoma:

a. affecting the upper lid more commonly than the lower lids

b. palisading of the peripheral cells 

c. does not invade the bone

d. it arises from the dermis

e. it is common in patients on immunosuppressant treatment.


3. Schwann cells:
a. are found only in the peripheral nervous system

b. do not regenerate

c. each Schwann cells can form myelin around more than one 

d. are derived from the ectoderm

e. are found more often in axons with a smaller than larger 

4. BCG:

a. is a live vaccine

b. is derived from Mycobacteria bovis

c. should be avoided in immunocompromised patients

d. is given orally

e. is usually given at neonates in the UK


5. Vancomycin:
a. is a synthetic antibiotic

b. is a glycopeptide

c. has a high level of activity against staphylococci

d. can cause deafness if given intravenously

e. causes 'red man syndrome' if given by rapid intravenous 

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