Test 31  (pharmacology)
1. The following are true about physostigmine:
a. it is a reversible cholinesterase

b. it does not penetrate the blood-brain barrier

c. it acts on the muscarinic receptors

d. it acts on the nicotinic receptors

e. it causes miosis

2. Physostigmine:

a. causes accommodative spasm

b. causes conjunctival vasoconstriction

c. increases the intraocular pressure

d. causes twitching of the eyelids

e. can be used in infestation caused by pubic lice


3. Pilocarpine:
a. is an alkaloid derived from plant

b. is a direct acting muscarinic agonist

c. causes contraction of the longitudinal muscles of the ciliary 

d. worsens myopia

e. has a greater effect on patients with blue iris than brown iris.


4. Cocaine:
a. decreases conduction of nerve impulses

b. has an anaesthetic effect on the cornea

c. is a direct stimulator of the adrenergic receptors

d. causes tachycardia

e. causes increased blood pressure


5. Mydriasis occurs with:
a. thymoxamine

b. guanethidine

c. carbachol

d. neostigmine

e. ecothiophate


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