Test 28 (ocular anatomy)
1. The following are true about the conjunctiva:
a. it is lined by squamous epithelium

b. the superior fornix extends further from the limbus than the 
    inferior limbus

c. the bulbar conjunctiva and the Tenon's capsule are fused 
    1mm from the limbus

d. the highest concentration of goblet cells are found in the 
    superonasal quadrant of the bulbar conjunctiva.

e. most of the conjunctiva is supplied by the anterior ciliary 

2. The following nodes receive direct lymphatic drainage from the eyelids:

a. submental nodes

b. parotid nodes

c. preauricular nodes

d. submandibular nodes

e. sublingual nodes

3. With regard to the glands found on the eyelids:

a. the meibomian glands are found within the tarsal plate

b. the glands of Moll are modified sweat gland

c. there are more glands of Moll in the lower than the upper lids

d. the glands of Zeis are modified sebaceous gland

e. the glands of Zeis are opened into the ciliary follicles

4. The following structures are anterior to the grey line:

a. meibomian glands

b. tarsal plate

c. cilia

d. orbicularis oculi

e. glands of Moll

5. The following are true about the blood supply to the eyelids:

a. they receive branches of the lacrimal artery

b. they receive branches of the ophthalmic artery

c. the arterial arch runs anterior to the Muller's muscle

d. the marginal arch runs 3 mm from the free margin of the 

e. the peripheral arch is often absent inferiorly.

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