Past MRCOphth April, 2003
1. In amblyopia:
a. the optic nerve has less nerve fibre
b. relative afferent pupillary defect is common
c. the occipital cortex is smaller
d. refractive error is a cause
e. visual crowding is a feature

2. The following are true about myopia:

a. index myopia is caused by an increase of the refractive power of the lens
b. axial myopia is caused by abnormally long ocular axial length
c. increased corneal radius increases myopia
d. flattening of the corneal curvature decreases myopia

3. Fovea:

a. contains the thickest layer of ganglion
b. is inferotemporal to the optic disc
c. is the same diameter as the optic disc
d. contains no retinal vessels
e. receives nutrients from the choroidal circulation

4. The internal carotid artery:

a. is lateral to the internal jugular vein
b. is lateral to the thyroid gland
c. is divided into internal and external cerebral artery at the base of the skull

5. Lymphocytes:

a. come from the bone marrow
b. are circulating cells
c. produce histamine

6. Isometric contraction ot he extraocular muslce is:

a. 1/10 th of the contraction of gastronimic muscle

7. Development of th elens;

a. comes from the optical vesicle
b. lens capsular is thinner anteriorly than posteriorly

8. Aqueous humou has a higher concentration of the following substances than the plasma:

a. potassium
b. sodium
c. glucose
d. ascorbic acid

9. Mitochondrial inheritance:

a. are inheirted from both parents
b. are transferred from male to male
c. is responsible for Leber's optic neuropathy

10. Strength of heart's contraction is depend on:

a. the resting length of the cardiac muscle
b. afterload.
11. Phototransduction:
a. hyperpolarization in the light
b. glutamate is an important neurotransmitters
c. involves isomerization of vitamin A
12. MRSA:
a. can be treated with vancomycin

13. Mesopic vision and Purkinje shift

14. Sensitivity and specificity definition

15. Standard error

16. Dominant and recessive inheritance

17. Vasoreceptors influenced by 10th and 11th nerve, PCO2, spinal cord innervation

18. Benzylpenicillin action, action of erythromycin

19. Collagen 4 is the main component of basement membrane

20. Anatomy of third ventricle: between the two thalami

21. Optic tract: arrangement of nerve fibres in the geniculate body

22. Cornea supplied by ciliary nerve.

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