Test 99   (pharmacology)
1. Atropine:
a. blocks nicotinic acethylcholine receptors

b. dries bronchial and salivary secretion

c. diminishes the risk of vagal cardiac arrest

d. is used to avoid unwanted side effects of neostigmine

e. causes loss of accommodation

2. Propanolol:

a. can lower the intraocular pressure if taken orally

b. has a high solubility

c. stabilizes cell membrane

d. has partial agonist activity

e. can mask hypoglycaemia induced by insulin

3. The following cytotoxic drugs are alkylating agents:

a. chlorambucil

b. cyclophosphamide

c. vinblastine

d. 6-mercaptopurine

e. cyclosporine

4. Warfarin:

a. has a higher molecular weight than heparin

b. is metabolized chiefly by liver

c. acts within 24 hours of administration

d. interferes with the production of factor II, VII, IX and X

e. its control is based on the prothrombin time

5. P450:

a. is found in the endoplasmic reticulum of hepatocytes

b. is involved in phase I metabolism

c. is induced by phenytoin

d. is inhibited by cimetidine

c. induction of P450 reduces the effect of warfarin

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