Test 98   (pathology)
1. Histological features of sarcoidosis include:
a. epitheloid cells

b. caseation

c. round cell infiltrate

d. Langhan's giant cells

e. Schauman's bodies

2. Granulation tissue:

a. is a feature of wound healing

b. contains fibroblasts

c. contains thin-walled capillaries

d. often contains granuloma

e. leads to scar formation

3. Constituents of emboli may include:

a. air

b. amniotic fluid

c. tumour

d. fat

e. clot

4. The following substances increase the capillary permeability 
    in acute inflammation:

a. bradykinin

b. histamine

c. serotonin

d. prostacycline

e. angiotensin

5. The following are true about HLA (human leucocyte antigens) :

a. they are genetically determined by major 
    histocompatability complex (MHC)

b. they are found only in the leukocytes

c. they are usually two in number on the human leukocytes

d. they are involved in transplantation immunity

c. they are glycoproteins

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