Test 97   (physiology)
1. The following occur in untreated insulin dependent diabetes mellitus:
a. diuresis

b. decreased plasma amino acid

c. increased plasma fatty acid

d. ketonuria

e. increased plasma cholesterol

2. Glucocorticoid causes an increase of:

a. red blood cells

b. lymphocytes

c. eosinophils

d. platelets

e. neutrophils

3. Angiotensin II:

a. is an octapeptide

b. is produced mainly in the lungs

c. causes thirst

d. stimulates the secretion of anti-diuretic hormone

e. causes an increase in blood pressure

4. Carbon dioxide in blood:

a. is more soluble than oxygen

b. is carried in combination with plasma

c. carries mainly as bicarbonate ions

d. is hydrated mainly in the plasma

e. is transported mainly in the red blood cells

5. In the human kidney:

a. renal plasma flow is normally 660 ml/minute

b. blood flow in the cortex is greater than that in the 

c. resorption of ions and water occurs mainly in the distal 
    convoluted tubules

d. anti-diuretic hormone increases water resorption mainly
    in the distal convoluted tubules

c. the renal blood flow is decreased in dehydration

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