Test 95   (microbiology)
1. The following intrauterine infection are known to cause ocular
a. cytomegalovirus

b. chickenpox 

c. hepatitis A

d. Epstein-Barr's virus

e. Listeria 

2. The following are used to detect antibodies:

a. polymerase chain reaction

b. complement fixation

c. haemaglutination inhibition

d. coagulase test

e. indirect immunofluorescence

3. The following are aminoglycoside antibodies:

a. vancomycin.

b. amikacin

c. neomycin

d. streptomycin

e. clindamycin

4. Neuroretinitis occurs with the following infection:

a. cat-scratch fever

b. Lyme disease

c. toxoplasmosis

d. cosackie virus

e. syphilis

5. Bacteria spores:

a. are resistant to antibiotics

b. allow the bacteria to multiple in adverse condition

c. are usually formed by Gram-negative bacteria

d. can be identified with Gram stains.

e. are killed by temperature of 1200 for 20 minutes.

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