Test 94   (genetic)
1. Chromosome 21:
a. is the shortest chromosome

b. is acrocentric

c. is in the A group of chromosomes

d. carries the gene for growth hormone.

e. trisomy causes Down's syndrome

2. The following are true about the Y chromosome:

a. the long arm is referred to as the p arm

b. the long arm has variable length

c. it demonstrates fluorescence with quinacrine

d. the short arm contains gene for testicular formation

e. fragile Y chromosome is associated with mental 

3. In the DNA structure:

a. the backbone is made up of an alternate molecule 
    of pentose sugar and phosphate.

b. most coils are left-handed

c. there is a terminal hydroxyl group at one end 
    of the chain

d. there is a terminal phosphate group at only one 
    end of the chain.

e. if one chain has -AGG- the other chain has 
    the sequence -TCC-. 

4. The following are true:

a. Turner's syndrome is usually due to non-dysjunction 
    in the spermatozoon

b. half the daughters of Turner's syndrome are 
    affected by the same condition

c. patients with XXY are infertile

d. all daughters are carriers in X-linked dominant disease

e. the recurrence rate for polygenetic conditions is 1-5%

5. The following are true about cytoplasmic messenger RNA:

a. it is mainly translated from nuclear DNA

b. has a larger molecular weight than heterogeneous 

c. contains uracil in place of thymine

d. the sugar moeity is deoxyribose.

e. is manufactured when the embryo is at the one 
    cell stage

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