Test 93    (endocrinology)
1. The thyroid gland:
a. secretes clacitonin

b. arises from the base of the pharynx

c. contains about 100,000 follicles

d. has follicles lines a single layer of cells

e. the follicle cells absorb hormone from the follicular 
    fluid by the process of pinocytosis

2. The following are true:

a. thyroxine is formed by iodination of tyrosine

b. the ratio of T3 :T4 secreted by the thyroid gland is 1:5

c. about 99.5% of thyroxines is protein bound

d. T3 is more active than T4

e. the secretion of thyroid hormone is under the direct 
    control of TRH

3. The following are true about the hormones secreted by the 
    adrenal cortex:

a. zona fasciculata secretes cortisol

b. zona glomerulosa secretes aldosterone

c. secretion of aldosterone is stimulated by ACTH

d. cotisol increases sodium resorption from the renal 

e. cortisol secretion reaches a maximum at 6:00pm

4. The following are true about calcium regulating hormones:

a. calcitonin increases the plasma calcium concentration

b. vitamin D is produced in the skin

c. vitamin D is metabolized to its active form in the liver
    and kidney.

d. vitamin D increases calcium absorption from the gut

e. parathyroid hormone increases the serum concentration
    of phosphate

5. Melatonin:

a. is secreted by pineal gland

b. regulates the circadian rhythm

c. is useful to regulate the sleep pattern of 
   patients with complete blindness.

d. is useful in treating jet lag.

e. increases the skin pigmentation

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