Test 92    (pharmacology)
1. The following drugs can cause corneal opacities:
a. phenytoin

b. amiodarone

c. prednisolone

d. chloroquine

e. meparcine

2. The following medication can cause lens opacity:

a. chlorpromazine

b. amiodarone

c. aspirin

d. tamoxifen

e. gold

3. The following medications can cause conjunctival pigmentation:

a. betaxolol

b. dipivefrine

c. azetazolamide

d. pilocarpine

e. bromonidine.

4. Medications that can give rise to pigmentary changes of
    the macula include:

a. chloroquine

b. desferroxamine

c. tamoxifen

d. amiodarone

e. chlorpromazine

5. Drugs that can cause optic neuropathy include:

a. isoniazid

b. ethambutol

c. streptomycin

d. chlorpropamide

e. penicillin

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