Test 88    (immunology)
1. The following are true about cell-mediated immunity:
a. antigen-specific function is the role of the 

b. cell-mediated immunity can activate the complement

c. it is responsible for the delayed hypersensitivity 

d. g-interferon is an important mediator of B-cell 

e. acute graft rejection is caused by cell-mediated 

2. The following are useful in the diagnosis of HIV infection:

a. polymerase chain reaction

b. antibodies by enzyme-liked immunoadsorbent assay

c. P24 protein assay

d. immunoglobulin assay

e. CD4:CD8 ratio

3. The following are true about chemicals involved in allergic reaction:

a. thromboxane -leukocyte activation

b. prostaglandin-2 - vasodilatation

c. platelet-activating factor - leukocyte activation

d. heparin - augments inactivation of prostaglandins

e. histamine - increases cAMP.

4. In AIDS, the following abnormalities are seen:

a. persistent lymphopenia

b. increased g interferon production in response
    to antigens

c. decreased interleukin-2 production

d. impaired delayed cutaneous hypersensitivity reactions

e. absolute depletion of CD8 lymphocytes.

5. The following are true:

a. Ig G crosses the placenta

b. thymus gland is responsible for cellular immunity

c. C1-9 is used by the alternative complement pathway

d. eosinophils are responsible for phagocytosis

e. interleukin-1 activates B cells to produce interleukin-2

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