Test 87    (nervous system)
1. The ascending tracts of the spinal cord include:
a. spinoreticular

b. anterior spinothalamic

c. spinotectal

d. corticospinal

e. spino-olivary

2. The following are true about neurotransmitters:

a. glycine is found in the cerebral cortex

b. acetylcholine is mainly secreted by the neuromuscular 

c. serotonin is secreted by the pineal body and 
    parasympathetic neurones.

d. g-aminobutyric acid is found in cerebral cortex

e. dopamine is only secreted in the mid-brain

3. The following are true:

a. glycine is involved in the metabolism of peptides

b. glutamate has a powerful inhibitory effect

c. cortical release of GABA is increased during sleep

d. the secretion of GABA is decreased in the presence of 
    high extracellular potassium

e. release of glutamate is increased during sleep

4. Features of tuberous sclerosis include:

a. autosomal dominant inheritance

b. angiomatosis

c. shagreen patches

d. ashleaf patches

e. tramline appearance on skull X-ray.

5. Drugs which can precipitate myasthenia gravis include:

a. pyridostigmine

b. gentamicin

c. atropine

d. succinyl choline

e. penicillinamine

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