Test 85    (head and neck anatomy)
1. The thyroid gland:
a. contains isthmus that lies anterior to the second and 
    third tracheal rings

b. lies at the level of C5 to T1

c. may contain pyramidal lobe that usually arises from the 
    right lobe

d. has external laryngeal nerve lying on its medial aspect

e. is supplied by the thyroidea ima artery which arises 
    from the internal carotid artery

2. The following are true about the cerebrum:

a. the two cerebral hemispheres are connected by the
    corpus callosum

b. the hippocampus lies in the floor of the body of the 
    lateral ventricle

c. the temporal lobe is concerned with speech

d. the Broca's area is found in the anterior aspect of the 
    occipital cortex

e. the cribriform plate is perforated by the olfactory 

3. True statements about the vascular supply of the brain include:

a. the corpus striatum and internal capsule are supplied
    by the middle cerebral artery

b. the choroid plexuses of the third and lateral ventricles
    are supplied by the internal carotid and posterior 
    cerebral arteries

c. the intracerebral veins contain valves

d. the petrosal vein receive brachial vein

e. the anterior and posterior cerebral arteries are 
    connected by the posterior communicating artery.

4. With regard to the muscles of mastication:

a. they are supplied by the mandibular nerve

b. the parotid duct crosses superficially to the masseter

c. the maxillary artery lies deep to the temporalis

d. the medial pterygoid is related laterally to the styloid 

e. the lateral pterygoid has two heads of origin.

5. The following are true:

a. the foramen of Magendie is in the middle of the fourth 

b. the interpeduncular cistern lies behind the dorsum sella

c. the third ventricle does not contain choroid plexus

d. the pineal recess lies in the posterior aspect of the third

e. arachnoid villi absorbs the cerebrospinal fluids

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