Test 80    (microbiology)
1. In toxocariasis:
a. the infestation is acquired from both dogs and cats
b. infestation occurs through ingestion of larvae
c. tractional retinal detachment is a cause of poor vision
d. intraocular calcification is a common feature of ocular 
e. steroid is contraindicated

2. Onchoceriasis:

a. is caused by a protozoan
b. transmitted by the bite of fly
c. is confined to the African continent
d. ocular involvement results from lymphatic migration of the parasites
e. can be treated with ivermectin 

3. Propiobacterium acnes:

a. is a Gram positive bacilli
b. is an anaerobic bacteria
c. is a common commensal of the conjunctiva
d. is an important cause of acute post-operative 
e. is sensitive to vancomycin

4. The following Gram negative bacteria are known to cause
    corneal ulcer:

a. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
b. Moraxella lacunata
c. Bacillus brevis
d. Klebsiella pneumoniae
e. Serratia marcescens

5. The following are true about culture media for microbes:

a. Lowensten-Jensen is used to isolate mycobateria
b. thioglycolate broth allows only anaerobes to grow
c. MacConkey agar prevents the growth of Gram 
    negative bacteria
d. Sabouraud's culture is useful for culturing fungal 
e. Thayer-Martin's media is used to isolate gonococcus

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