Test 78    (Ocular anatomy)
1. The following are true about squamous cell carcinoma:
a. it is a commoner malignant skin tumour than basal cell 
b. it only occurs in the skin
c. it is the most common skin tumour seen in transplant 
d. metastasis is usually to the regional lymph nodes
e. the tumour typically have everted edges

2. Features of a sebaceous cyst include:

a. it arises in the dermis
b. a central punctum is a common feature
c. scalp is a common location
d. it is firmly adherent to the skin
e. it contains mucopolysaccharides.

3. Features of a dermoid cyst:

a. if found in the orbital region is usually located in the 
    medial angle of the eye
b. it is lined by squamous epithelium
c. hair may be found in the cyst
d. most cases are congenital
e. rupture of the cyst is associated with foreign body type 

4. The following are true about aneurysm:

a. a true aneurysm is covered by all three layers of the 
b. dissecting aneurysm results from destruction of the 
    vessel media layer
c. hypertension is associated with formation of true 
d. berry aneurysm is associated with 
e. a internal carotid aneurysm in the cavernous sinus
    can give rise to ipsilateral miosis

5. The following are true about malignant melanoma:

a. it is commoner in females than males
b. amelanotic type is more aggressive than pigmented type
c. malignant transformation in common moles is about 
d. staging is according to the size of the tumour
e. it is found exclusively in the skin

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