Test 76    (Genetics)
1. The following corneal conditions are autosomal recessive:
a. macular dystrophy
b. granular dystrophy
c. lattice dystrophy
d. Meesman's dystrophy
e. polymorphous endothelial dystrophy

2. The following retina conditions are autosomal recessive:

a. Stargardt's disease
b. Doyne's honeycomb dystrophy
c. Goldmann-Favre disease
d. Best's disease
e. central areolar choroidal dystrophy

3. Autosomal dominant condition include the following:

a. Ehler-Danlos's syndrome
b. Stickler's syndrome
c. Marfan's syndrome
d. homocystinuria
e. familial ectopia lentis

4. Mitochondrial inheritance is a feature of:

a. Marcus-Gunn's jaw winking ptosis
b. ocular apraxia
c. chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia
d. Kearn-Sayre's syndrome
e. Brown's syndrome

5. The following conditions are X-linked recessive:

a. choroideremia
b. blue-cone monochromatism
c. ocular albinism
d. Lowe's syndrome
e. Fabry's disease

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