Test 74     (Pharmacology)
1. The following are true about botulinum toxins:
a. there are eight known serotypes of naturally produced 
    botulinum toxins
b. serotype A is the most widely used botulinum toxin in 
    clinical practise
c. serotype B is commercially available for clinical use
d. the toxins block neurotransmission in the post-synaptic 
    end plate
e. recovery of paralysed muscles is the result of sprouting 
    of new nerve terminals

2. With regard to benzalkonium chloride:

a. it is used as a preservative
b. it increases the permeability of bacterial cell wall
c. it is most effective in slightly alkaline condition
d. it is inactivated by calcium
e. it causes punctate keratitis

3. The following are true about anti-histamines:

a. they inhibit the release of histamines from mast cells
b. they have anticholinergic effects
c. they can be used as anti-emetic agents
d. they increase the intraocular pressure
e. they reduce gastric secretion

4. The following are selective b blockers:

a. timolol
b. propanolol
c. levobunalol
d. atenolol
e. betaxolol

5. True statements about metronidazole include:

a. it is bacteristatic
b. it inhibits bacterial protein synthesis
c. it is most effective against Gram positive bacteria
d. it has a good penetration of the blood-brain barrier
e. alcohol should be avoided while taking metronidazole

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