Test 71     (General pathology)
1. The following conditions are associated increased risk of skin 
a. Bowen's disease
b. solar keratosis
c. acanthosis nigricans
d. squamous papilloma
e. keratoacanthoma

2. True statements about keratoacanthoma:

a. it is also called molluscum sebaceum
b. it usually remits spontaneously without leaving scar
c. it is caused by a pox virus
d. central necrosis is uncommon
e. histologically is difficult to distinguish from squamous 
    cell carcinoma

3. Abnromalities of blood clotting occur in:

a. patients taking brufen
b. thalassaemia
c. sickle cell disease
d. Christmas disease
e. von Willebrand's disease

4. Berry aneurysms:

a. most often found in the circle of Willis
b. result from atheroma
c. result from abnormalities in the medial wall of the 
d. are associated with diabetes mellitus
e. are associated with polycystic renal disease

5. The following are true about corneal transplantation in the UK:

a. in the eye bank the whole eye is kept in the culuture 
b. the cornea is kept at sub-zero temperature in the bank
c. donor eyes older than 65 years of age are rejected
d. specular microscopy is used to count the number of 
    endothelial cells
e. HLA matching is routinely carried out before use
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