Test 70      (General physiology)
1. The following are true about resistance to blood flow in the vessel:
a. it is dependent on the haematocrit
b. it depends on the thickness of the vessle wall
c. it is directly proportional to the length of the vessle
d. it is directly proportional to the pressure drop along the 
e. it is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the 
   radius of the vessel

2. True statements about osmotic diuretics include:

a. it reduces the absorption of both salt and water
b. the urine produced is limited by the glomerular filtration 
c. mannitol reduces the vitreous volume
d. frusemide is an osmotic diuretics
e. glycerol is an osmotic diuretics

3. Excessive secretion of aldosterone gives rise to::

a. hypokalaemia
b. hypertension
c. alkalosis
d. polyuria
e. muscular weakness

4. Miosis of the pupil:

a. reduces visual field
b. increases depth of field
c. increases the visual acuity
d. reduces spherical aberration
e. increases chromatic aberration

5. The following receptors respond to stretch reflex:

a. carotid baroreceptor 
b. free nerve ending
c. Ruffini's endings
d. Oligodendrocytes
e. Pacinian corpuscles.
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