Test 25 (MCQs on microbiology)
1. The following are true about disinfectants that can be used effectively for skin:
a. glutaraldehyde

b. chlorhexidine

c. ethyl alcohol with povidone-iodine

d. ethylene oxide

e. chloramphenicol drops

2. Viral with oncogenic properties in humans include:
a. measles virus

b. hepatitis B virus

c. papovavirus

d. Epstein-Barr virus

e. cytomegalovirus


3. Antibiotics that inhibit cell wall synthesis include:
a. cefuroxime

b. erythromycin

c. vancomycin

d. sulphonamide

e. benzylpenicillin


4. Micro-organisms that can cause latent infection include:
a. Mycobacterium tuberculosis

b. varicella-zoster virus

c. cytomegalovirus (CMV)

d. hepatitis A

e. chlamydia trachoma


5. Aminoglycoside:
a. are active against streptococcus

b. acts on the bacterial cell wall 

c. are useful against anaerobes

d. should not be used in patients with renal failure

e. damages the cochlear nerve

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