Test 24 (Biochemistry)
1. Amyloidosis:
a. the protein stained with Lugol's iodine

b. the deposition is extracellular

c. has a polymorphous structure

d. AL type is seen in 15% of patients with multiple myeloma.

e. causes death mainly through cardiac failure

2. Proto-oncogenes:

a. are only found in malignant tissues

b. are retroviruses capable of causing tumours

c. inactivates oncogenes

d. regulates cell growth and differentiation

e. causes neurofibroma


3. The following are true about G proteins:
a. they are first messengers

b. when activated, the alpha subunit exchange GDP for GTP

c. they are transmembrane signal receptor molecules

d. vibrio cholerae secrets an exotoxin which makes G-proteins resistant to 

e. the activities of G-proteins are reduced in pseudohypoparathyroidism.

4. True statements about p53 include:

a. a protein coded by a tumour suppressor gene

b. it suppresses mitosis

c. it is important regulators of apoptosis

d. its presence in the serum indicate colonic cancer

e. it is defective in Li-Fraumeni syndrome


5. Gout:
a. is characterized by hyperuricaemia.

b. is diagnosed by hyperuricaemia

c. causes scleritis

d. patient with gout should avoid eating offal

e. typically affects the first metatarsophalangeal joint.

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