Test 213
1. Vancomycin:
a. is an aminoglycoside.

b. is recommended for intracameral use at the end of 
    cataract surgery to prevent endophthalmitis.

c. targets the RNA of bacteria.

d. is effective against MRSA.

e. is used intravitreally against Gram positive bacteria.

2. Sodium fluorescein:

a. has a higher affinity for plasma protein than indocyanine 

b. does not leak from the choroidal vasculature.

c. does not leak from normal retinal vasculature.

d. emits light of longer wavelengths than the one it 

e. is excreted by the liver and kidneys.


3. Direct light reflex of the pupil is absent in:
a. lesion of the ipsilateral ciliary ganglion.

b. transaction of the ipsilateral optic nerve.

c. bilateral occipital lobe lesion.

d. topical application of phenylepherine.

e. complete ipsilateral third nerve palsy.


4. The following conditions give rise to red blood cells with increased 
     mean cell volume:
a. anaemia of chronic disease.

b. pernicious anaemia.

c. anaemia due to renal failure.

d. haemolytic anaemia.

e. thalassaemia.


5. Berry aneurysm:
a. is a congenital disorder.

b. is found most commonly in the posterior portion of 
    the circle of Willis.

c. is symptomatic in majority of patients.

d. has absent intima elastica.

e. are associated with polycystic kidneys.

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