Test 212 (Miscellaneous)
1. Optic neuropathy occurs in deficiency of the following vitamin B:
a. vitamin B1

b. vitamin B2

c. vitamin B3

d. vitamin B6

e. vitamin B12

2. The following are true about vitamin A:
a. it is fat soluble

b. it is usually ingested as retinoid acid

c. it is stored mainly in the retinal pigment epithelium

d. deficency causes dry eye due to decreased production
    of the aqueous layer.

e. subclinical deficiency can be detected by 
    electrophysiology tests.

3. Regarding vitamin A:

a. it is stored mainly as retinyl ester 

b. it is found in the inner segment of the photoreceptors
    and the retinal pigment epithelium

c. during bleaching, all-trans-retinaldehyde is released 
    from the opsins and is transported to the pigment 
    epithelium in the form of all-trans-retinol

d. the pigment epithelium is the site of isomerization of 
    all-trans- to 11-cis-retinol

e. optic disc swelling can result from excessive intake

4. True statement about vitamin B1 include:

a. it is water soluble

b. its defiency is responsible for beri-beri

c. its defiency causes congestive cardiac failue

d. its defiency causes Wernicke's encephalopathy

e. its defiency causes nystagmus

5. Mitomycin C:

a. is an antibiotic

b. inhibits DNA synthesis

c. inhibtis RNA and protein synthesis

d. requires NADPH for it to become active

e. is used in pterygium surgery to prevent its recurrence

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