Test 210 (Pharmacology)
1. Latanoprost:
a. increases uveoscleral outflow

b. increases trabecular meshwork outflow

c. increases existing inflammation

d. causes iris hyperpigmentation by stimulating the 
    multiplication of melanocytes

e. causes pupillary dilatation

2. Cocaine:

a. is a direct-acting sympathomimetic drug

b. causes pupil dilation in normal people

c. causes pupil constriction in Horner's syndrome

d. can be used to differentiate between preganglionic and 
    postganglionic Horner's syndrome 

e. does not affect accommodation

3. The following side-effects are seen in b-antagonists: 
a. reduced tear production

b. decreased corneal sensation

c. myopic shift

d. impotence

e. poliosis

4. Regarding steroid used to treat eye disease:

a. removal of corneal epithelium will increase the ocular 
    penetration of corticosteroid

b. acetate preparation then to come in suspension form

c. phosphate preparation has a better corneal penetration 
    than acetate preparation

d. subconjunctival injection of corticosteroid achieve a 
    better ocular penetration than topical instillation

e. chronic use can lead to eyelid retraction

5. The following are true about corticosteroids:

a. they are synthesized in the adrenal medulla

b. they are 21-carbon structures

c. ACTH is essential for the production of corticosteroids 
    from cholesterol

d. 17a-hydroxylation is present in most of the 
    anti-inflammatory steroids

e. they increase renal excretion of potassium 

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