Test 208 (Past MCQs)
1. The following are true about homocystinuria:
a.       it is an autosomal recessive disorder

b.       recurrent thrombosis occurs due to increased
          platelet adhesiveness.

c.       myopia is common

d.       mental retardation is common

e.       there is failure of conversion of homocystine 
          to cystine

2.  Reduced ipsilateral pain sensation typically occurs in the following 
     area following a blow-out fracture:
a. upper teeth

b. forehead

c. tip of the nose

d. upper cheek

e. angle of the jaw

3. Hypermetropia:

a. occurs with flattening of the cornea

b. occurs in eye with short axial length

c. develops presbyopia much earlier than myopia

d. has a high state of accommodation

e. can be corrected with a diverging lens


4. The following are true about the fluorescein sodium: 

a. it stains collagen

b. it enters the choroidal circulation rapidly through the 
    posterior ciliary arteries

c. it is bound mainly to the red blood cells in the circulation

d. it does not leak through the normal capillaries of the 
    central nervous system

e. it is useful for studying the choriocapillaris

5. The cornea: 

a. contains three Purkinje's images

b. contains unmyelinated nerve fibres

c. increases in thickness with age

d. does not regenerate following injuries

e. is thinner centrally than peripherally

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