Test 207 (Microbiology)
1. The following are live vaccines:
a.       measles vaccine

b.       diphtheria

c.       hepatitis B vaccine

d.       tetanus

e.       mumps vaccines

2. The following are true about hepatitis B:
a. babies born to HBe Ag +ve mothers should receive
    active and passive immunization at birth.

b. according to current DHSS guidelines, all health 
    workers should receive hepatitis B anti-body

c. co-infection with delta virus is commoner in intravenous
    drug abusers than homosexuals.

d. super-infection with delta virus causes a clinical

e. it is the major underlying cause of hepatocellular 

3. Regarding Staphylococcal epidermidis:

a. it is coagulase positive

b. appearing as Gram positive cocci in chains

c. are usually sensitive to penicillin

d. grown in blood cultures are due to contamination and 
    should be ignored

e.  it can be destroyed by povodine iodine


. 4. In patients with congenital rubella:
a. the incidence of ocular involvement increases if the 
    mother was infected early rather than late into the 

b. buphthalmos is a common feature 

c. there is an increased incidence of keratoconus in later

d. rubella virus can be isolated from the pharynx up to 18 
    months of age

e. acyclovir is effective in reducing the severity of organ 

5. CMV retinitis:
a. is caused by a DNA virus

b. is seen only in patients who are HIV positive

c. is associated with low CD8 counts

d. causes full thickness retinal necrosis

e. can be treated with intravitreal ganciclovir

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