Past Part 1 MRCOphth: 1 
1. Dorsal ganglia:
a. satellite cells in the ganglion
b. all neurones are pseudo-unipolar
c. unmyelinated fibres are found
d. have multiple synapses

2. Schwann cells:
a. separate from neurone by endoneurium
b. can cross several nodes of Ranvier
c. contains a high concentration of mitochondria
d. produces myelination for peripheral neurones
e. arise from neural crest

3. Pyramidal tract:
a. complete decussation above the level of foramen magnum
b. complete myelinated at birth
c. contains fibres from cerebellum

4. Intake of 200g of glucose would:
a. increase glycogen synthesis in both muscle and liver
b. inhibits gluconeogenesis from protein
c. inhibits liponeogenesis
d. increase protein breakdown
e. reduce utilization of glucose of muscle

5. Corneal transparency depends on:
a. metabolic pump in endothelium
b. zonular occludens in endothelium
c. glycosaminoglycans in stroma
d. irrigation by calcium free solution in anterior chamber during operation
e. irrigation by bicarbonate free solution in anterior chamber during operation

6. Insulin:
a. is essential in glucose absorption by the gut
b. inhibit lipid synthesis from carbohydrate
c. is metabolized by enzymes of liver
d. is partially controlled by somatostain from islet delta cells
e. actively transport potassium into the cells

7. pH 7.25, Pa CO2 3.3 kPa, PaO2 12kPa is compatible with:
a. diabetic ketoacidosis
b. hysterical overbreathing
c. administration of ammonium chloride
d. vomiting because of pyloric obstruction
e. severe diarrhoea

8. Choroid plexus is present in:
a. anterior horn of lateral ventricle
b. inferior horn of lateral ventricle
c. aqueduct
d. third ventricle
e. fourth ventricle

9. Cushing syndrome causes:
a. obesity
b. hirsutism
c. hypokalaemia
d. clubbing of fingers
e. osteoporosis

10. PCR:
a. in-vitro enzymatic amplification of specific DNA
b. useful in the diagnosis of microbial and viral infection
c. seldom have false positive because of high specificity
d. can detect HIV before seroconversion
e. cannot detect RNA

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