Past Part 1 MRCOphth: 9
1. Retinal pigment epithelium is responsible for:
a. retinal attachment
b. storage of vitamin A
c. production of Bruch's membrane
d. absorption of ultraviolet light
e. the a-wave of electroretinogram

2. Intraocular pressure:

a. varies seasonably
b. varies diurnally and is highest in early morning
c. drops promptly during the onset of sleep and anaesthesia
d. decreases with age in Caucasian
e. varies with tachycardia

3. Pituitary stalk lesion is associated with:

a. severe diabetes mellitus
b. hypothyroidism
c. decreased secretion of luteinizing hormone
d. decreased prolactin secretion
e. low blood pressure

4. Giant cells:

a. has phacocytic property
b. are made up of multi-nucleated aggregate of macrophage
c. are found in xanthogranuloma
d. occur in acute inflammation
e. are found in temporal arteritis

5. Blinking reflex:

a. is the reflex to be abolished in general anaesthesia
b. is absent before 9 months of age
c. does not involved the visual cortex
d. requires normal trigeminal nerve function
e. is impaired in facial nerve palsy
6. Regarding the tear film:
a. Ig A is dominant and is formed in concentration about 2X that of IgG
b. Ig A of tear contains a secretary piece of molecule
c. lysozyme in human tear is greater than any other body fluid except the 
d. corneal injury produces an acidic tear film
e. lysozyme concentration in Sjogren's syndrome is a useful diagnostic test
7. Regarding the cerebrospinal fluid:
a. the normal volume is 20ml
b. the normal pressure is 30mmHg
c. it is formed mainly through ultrafiltration
d. it surrounds the spinal cord as low as the second lumbar vertebrae
e. oligoclonal Ig G band in the cerebrospinal fluid can be used to support 
    the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis

8. The levator superioris muscle:

a. arises from the lesser wing of the sphenoid
b. is supplied by the superior branch of the oculomotor nerve
c. is the longest muscle within the orbit
d. becomes levator aponeurosis when it extends beyond the Whitnall 
e. has the same embryologic origin as the superior rectus
9. In Horner's syndrome:
a. the ptosis may be abolished with topical phenylepherine
b. the intraocular pressure is decreased
c. the conjunctival vessels become dilated
d. 4% cocaine can dilate the pupil
e. the reaction to light and accommodation is impaired

10. In miosis:

a. occurs in long-standing Adie's pupil
b. increases the depth of focus
c. in the elderly is caused by a decrease in sympathetic outflow
d. pin-point pupils caused by pontine infarction do not respond to light
e. pupils are relatively miosed in during sleep
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